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Games Day

On Games Day I painted my face and I ate a sausage sizzle, chips and I drank a can of lemonade. I also bought a show bag from the show bag store and I also had a go at pillow fighting.

By Zachariah 1-3C




Games Day


Games Day, Games Day,

Come this way.

We run all day

And have fun today.


We always have a ball,

At every stall.

Our mini fete was so great,

You will not want to be late!


People get awesome prizes

And wonderful surprises.

We have so much fun

On the run!

By Zali 5/6H



On Games Day it was fun. I played pillow fights.

By Rorey 1A


On Games Day I had a pillow fight and I had a sausage sizzle and I had my face painted. It was so much fun. Then I did another pillow fight with Rosilenn.

By Year 1 student


On Games Day I bought two show bags for myself. In the show bags there were awesome things.

By Nazimeh 4A


Games Day was a great experience to have fun. There were activities and games such as pillow fights, what's in the box?, football passes, face painting and a lot of other fun things to do. There were other things that were not games but good things to do like raffles, sausage sizzle and you could take a photo in a sports car. How cool would that be! At the end of the day Mr Hawkins did a really funny dance.

By Nur 5/6H


On Games Day I played pillow fights. Then I bought a coke. I played knock down.

By Suvan1-3C


Last Thursday it was Games Day. It was a fun day. I went to get my face painted and got make up on my face. My mum came with pizza.

By Mariam 1T


On Games Day I ate a cupcake. Then I drank a can of drink. Then I had a go at 3 pillow fights with my friend.

By Zacariah 1/2L


On games day me and Rosilenn did face painting and I got a butterfly. Then I got another one which was a really nice flower by a very nice year six girl. It was beautiful. Then I went to find my brother and me, my brother and Roslienn went to get a delicious sausage sizzle. While I was waiting for my brother, who was getting his face painted, I got sparkles on my eyes. After that I went to fortune telling. Then my brother and Rosilenn did pillow fighting. After that I did it with Tayla. After that I had to go to class because Games Day was over. Thank you for reading.  

By Year 4 student


At Games Day l got my face painted and I also bought a show bag. In it were book marks.I had a pillow fight with Emily, my friend, in 1A.

By Sarah H   1A


On Games Day we had pillow fights and sponge throwing. We also had food and show bags. It was a great day. I had so much fun and my mum came with me and my friend did, too. She was following us all around. At one stage, my friend lost her purse. We were looking for her purse everywhere! I didn't want to find it because it would waste half of our day of Games Day. When we went to the pillow fighting my friend won. The prize she got was a glue stick. We had so much fun!

By Acalia 1/2L


On Games Day there were show bags and pillow fights. In the white elephant stall there were books and lots of other things. Did you enjoy the food ? I bought a cupcake. I hope that you had a good time at Games Day, too.

Rawan 1/2L


Last week on Thursday I had lots of fun at Games Day.

WARNING: Don't get lost far away from your teacher!

1st-I went to bank money. I had to give a request to start banking.

2nd-I went to sponge throwing to hit a teacher with a sponge in his or her face.

3rd-I had a lunch break because I was hungry and thirsty!

4th- The office teacher said, "That's the end of Games Day. Give 3 cheers for Year 5 and 6." I cheered, too.

By Brian 1-3C


On 12th September it was the 2013 Games Day. I was going to spend my day with my best friend and her mum. Our first stop was the pillow fights. I fought Acalia and we had three fights and I won a glue stick. After that I had something to eat and I bought an ice-cream. Then we went to the fortune teller.

By Georgina 1/2L


At Games Day, Thursday 12th September, I went to the cake stall and I bought a cupcake. I also went to the chips and drinks store. I bought JJs and Jumpys. I bought some ice-cream and I did my make up and nails. I helped with sunscreen for 30 minutes.  

By Annalaise 5/6A


On Games Day I went with my friend Bailey to the cake stall and we bought some ice cream. Then we went to the fizzy drink store to buy creaming soda. After that we went to the raffles to get three raffle tickets.

By Jabulile 1/2L            


At Games Day I helped with the sunscreen for 30 minutes. After that I went to sponge throwing. Then I went to the cake shop and bought some cakes. They were yummy. After that I went and helped with the cake stall. Then the bell rang. When the bell rang I went to the hall because a guest came to our school. He sang for us. I enjoyed Games Day so much because I had so much fun.

By Alyssa 5/6R


On Games Day I got my face painted as a flower. Then I got a heart and a heart again. Then I went to wait for Aaliyah to hurry up. Then I played pillow fighting with her little brother and first I said, "DON'T HURT ME PLEASE." Then we started fighting. After that I got 2 cupcakes and a soda and 2 packets of chips. After that I went to fortune telling and then I played against my friend's brother again and I won. After that I went against my friend and then I saw my mum. After that I had ice-cream. Then I played against Amber at pillow fighting. Then Games Day was over so I went to line up.

By Rosilenn   4F


On Games Day we started off with a pillow fight. It was fun. Then I played against my best friend, Isabella. Then we did face painting. I had a butterfly and Isabella had a blue flower. Then we paid the visitor and we went to fortune telling. They told me that I will be alive when I'm 50. I was surprised that I would be alive when I'm 50 because I thought I would be dead by 30. Then I was very happy. I went home and I was very happy.

By Bethany 4F


It was a beautiful and sunny day for games at Guilford West Public School. It was last Thursday 12th September and our school was going to have a fun day because it was Games Day.

The whole school was all ready to go outside for Games Day but it was only for 3 hours. It was mufti and so we got to wear whatever we wanted. When we went outside I played lots of games like pillow fighting and others. That was fun.

I love Games Day!

By Sariya 4A