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The Athletics Carnival


On Wednesday 17th July 2013,

I was participating in shot put senior girls.

Daniella threw it 7m 63cm and came first.

I came second and I threw it 7m 59cm.

But I wish I got to do the kindy's activities.

By: Bryanah 5/6K


On Wednesday it was G.W.P.S. Athletics Carnival. It was the kindies first athletics carnival. There were lots of races. In the middle of the athletics carnival it started to rain. I had fun. I hope G.W.P.S. did.

From Fetima 5/6K


Yesterday we went to the Athletics Carnival.

We went by bus.

The place was Holroyd Sports Field.

The whole school came.

There were races for kindergarten people and for primary.

I went in the ten year old races.

There was a 100m race and an 200m for ten year olds.

I raced against Loui and Martin.

The Canteen was selling some food such as wiz fizz, water and juice.

By Annalaise 5/6A


On Wednesday the 17th of July was the Athletics Carnival.

There were lots of games to play such as long jump, high jump and shot put.

They also did races.

The little kids also did races.

They played lots of games and had fun.

By Rawasi 5/6K


Yesterday it was the Athletics Carnival. It was at Merrylands and the whole school went. First we did running races. As soon as the races finished it was recess. After recess the K-2 did activities. Teachers were helping and high school people were helping as well. My favourite activity was the stomps. Finally lunch time was finished and the bus took us back to school. I felt so happy.

By Mariam 1T


Yesterday we went to Holroyd Sports Ground. I raced against some people and I came first. That was the best part of the day.

By Siua 5/6K


On Wednesday 17-7-13, GWPS went on a bus to Holroyd Sports Ground for the Athletics Carnival. When we arrived we all sat in our sports' houses. All our friends were watching all the races. Then the shot put trial was called and I came 2nd. At the end we all had a great day. It was fun.

Moey 5/6K