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Wet Weather Days

Wet weather is so fun. I can play with everyone. We run out in the rain. It is so much fun. My brother, Ali, and I sometimes play video games at home, including GTA5 and WWE.

By Braq 5/6K


When it was raining at school I brought an umbrella to school. I love playing inside class.

By Semisi 3G


Wet weather is really boring. I wish I played outside. When I'm inside I always sit down and read a book and that's boring too.

By Zieh 5/6K


On wet weather days it is cold and really wet and muddy and not dry. It is slippery, too, so I play on the computer and with the blocks, the hundreds, tens and ones. I play with toy cars and read books. It is boring because you don't get to play with your friends in the other class.

By Erdem 3G


On wet days my class plays games and watches Woody Woodpecker.

By Angel 1A


I read a book in the class when it is raining. I like to read.

By Year 3 student


In wet weather, if we walk in the water, we could slip. We have to play in the class. Today I played with the Mobilo.

By Jassem 1A


Wet weather is so fun because I get to play with everyone, each day and each time. It's the same thing at all times. My parents say I am a kid and I can get easily sick. When I slip I start to cry and I get a bit shy. Each time I get wet it is like I am in a shower just at school. Water spreads around and it just fun for everyone. If it is a rainy day all you need is a coat or an umbrella just to give you protection from the showers at school. Some people find it fun. 

By Nour 5/6K


On wet weather days l would play a game. If we go outside in wet weather we will get all wet. Sometimes I play with clever sticks or some other games like sit down and draw. I watch a movie. It is Woody Woodpecker. My favourite thing to do is to come and write a story in the computer room. 

By Sarah H  1A


On wet weather days I read a book or play some games. I like to play puzzles.

By Mariah 2K


At school when it is rainy we stay in class and we play games. My favourite game is Hangman.

By Jana T 3G


When it is raining we have to play inside because there is water and you might trip and fall. When we are inside we play games and read books and go on computers.        

By Gabriel 3G