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In the Playground

In the playground I play with my handball. I play with Jana and Shanae. We have so much fun in the infants area. They have skipping ropes, basket balls, hula-hoops and some kids play oz-tag. I love school because we learn and have fun and I like the teachers.

By Sajah 3G


In the playground the teacher puts stuff out like balls.

By Elena 3G


In the playground there are lots of things to do like soccer, football and oz-tag. There are balls, hula-hoops and skipping ropes.

By Balin 3W


In the playground we enjoy hanging out with our friends. We also enjoy running around, playing tips and 44 Homes. There is also oz-tag, soccer and football available at lunch times.

By Natasha and Zali 5/6H                                 


In the playground I like to go up on the top oval and play tips, football and many more games with my friends.

By TJ 3W


The stuff I like about school is football and soccer. When I have nothing to do I go to the Support Unit and I like it there because every day they have equipment out and I make a lot of new friends and no one teases me. I like playing football with Mr Quigley. Sometimes I go to the library and the computer room and the teachers are kind to me and my teacher is cool. I mean all of the teachers are cool. I like spelling, maths and every day 4F do silent reading.                                                     

By Ali 4F                                                              


I like lunchtime because we can play footy and it goes for one half of lunch.

The part I like about lunch is Mrs Misson brings out the oz tag equipment and we play footy with Mr Quigley.

By Matthew and Tuvana 4F



In the playground I love playing handball with all my friends. I also love doing Woodwork with Mr Robinson. I like buying stuff from the canteen.

 By Rebecca 5/6R


The things I like doing in the playground are playing with the equipment like balls and frisbees. I also like playing games like tips. I like to go and sit on the seats because it is so cool and shady and I can talk with my friends. I also like going to the library and the computer room. In the playground I like talking to the teacher and I like running. I enjoy playing hop scotch and hand ball in the playground and I also like playing with my friends.

By Alyssa 5/6R


During playtime I like to play games in the computer room.

By Jana 3G


The things I like to do in the playground are playing soccer, tips, having netball training with my coach and taking care of the equipment that Mrs Elderton provides at lunch. I also chat to my friends, tell Knock Knock jokes and race with other people. I also look after Kindergarten kids if they're hurt.

By Roseni 4F


During lunchtimes, I like to go to the computer room and I like to go to the oval. I also like to go to the Infants and use the hula-hoops.

By Amani  3G


In the playground I like to play tips and handball. I usually play on the top oval. I play soccer, league tag and sometimes I just like watching kids play. I play with the equipment on the bottom oval at lunch. I also like telling Knock Knock jokes and having races.

By Isabella 4A