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In the holidays I went on a picnic with my friends and family. We had the picnic in the park. 

Jasmin KC


In the holidays I went to New Zealand and I had lots of fun. I went with my cousins and my dad. We learnt how to ski and we went white water rafting. I jumped out of the raft and then my dad pulled me back in. We also saw a Kiwi.

Bailey 3W


In the holidays I went to the movies to watch Turbo, Planes and Grown Ups 2. After that we went to the beach to see our aunty and uncle. Next we went to Parramatta and we went to Toys R Us and we bought 3 Play Doh packs and some wallets. Then we went to Merrylands Park and we went to see the animals. Finally we went to Isabella's house to play. 

Mia-Rei 2B


In the holidays I went to Port Macquarie for 5 days and nights. On the second day, mum, dad, Sarah and I went bush walking. We went to Cattai because it had a playground. 

Emilee 2B


In the holidays i went to the beach with my mum, brother and sisters. The water was cold.

Cristina KC