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Thank You Parent Helpers

Our Fantastic Parents

Guildford West Public School has fantastic parents. Our parents help with reading groups, Mother's Day stalls and Father's Day stalls. Our parents have shown that we have a wonderful school and we love our parent helpers.

We all want to say that we appreciate our fantastic parents.

Thank You!

By Haneen 3W


My Amazing Parents

The areas where my parents help are in the classroom, in reading groups and in the canteen. Students are better, with you helping. Thank you so much for helping us. We appreciate the time you give us.

By Sarah 1A


Thank You for helping at Guildford West Public School

Thank you, mum, for helping. I hope you enjoyed helping during our reading groups. I am so glad that you helped. We had a morning tea for all our parent helpers. Thank you!

By Rima 2B


Thank You for Helping

You have been very useful around Guildford West Public School. We all love you and we hope you have enjoyed helping us. We had a morning tea to say thank you. You have helped us with a lot of things. You are fantastic.

By Mariam 1T


Thank You

Parents, thank you for helping at G.W.P.S. Some of the things you have helped with are in the canteen, helping in reading groups, stalls, Games Day and Family Fun Day.

By Noor 5/6A